Original Artwork : Adds That Magic Touch

My idea of a perfect room includes a comfy chair, fresh flowers on the table, great light, great music and a painting that makes your heart sing. Without the art the room simply doesn’t have that “final touch”. Having something on your walls from the hand of an artist (be they five years old or a professional) brings soul to your home or office.

A Bit About Sandy

I started painting in 1989 after a blinding flash of insight – one of those “this isn’t a dress-rehearsal” moments. I started painting in watercolour and after fifteen years of working on landscapes and florals I had another breakthrough. This time I realized that I could join my passion for developmental coaching with art. I could paint “ideas.”

When Toronto’s funky new Distillery District opened I was a partner in founding the RedEye Gallery. Years of immediate feedback from the public let me know that I was on a very good track with this new direction.


Click here to see some earlier work from the past five years and some of my other art activities and here to see how I combine art and the exploration of personality typologies.

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