Orphan Paintings

Galleries love artists who work in series. Artists build their reputation on presenting a consistent recognizable style to the world. Of course it is often permissible to work in two different series if what interests you is vastly different.

Years ago when I was taking courses at the AGO (Art Gallery of Toronto) teacher and artist Doug Stratford worked in 2 distinct series. His paintings of Italy were smaller gems in oil and if I remember correctly were framed alike in charming frames that complimented the work. The cityscapes that Doug did were edgier and presented in a larger more contemporary format. Doug created clear distinctions between the two and had distinct clients for each series.

Of course I have such a strong preference for “what’s new”, “what’s next”, “what’s different” that I create orphan paintings. You know what I mean… one or two or more that have the same thought but never quite have the longevity or artistic weight of a “series”.

This painting is an orphan of one.

I love my orphans and don’t think I will ever have the discipline or whatever the required quality is to narrow my focus. Seems like “Don’t Fence Me In” could be my theme song here.

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